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She is 84 years old, and a few years back she suffered a stroke.  They must've affected her in countless ways, but to her deepest regret she had forgotten how to play the piano.   She came to me for lessons 6-7 years ago.   Her name is Jan Bunting


We spent some time on technique and we tried some things.   But after a couple of lessons I could tell this was going to be a difficult process.   It was obvious that music was a huge part of her life, and that she loved it.  I asked her if she had ever written any music before.    She said she hadn't.   So I challenged her to write something.     We worked on some basic ideas, and the next week she came back with a whole song completely written out.  She couldn't play it very well, so I sat down and read her notes, and played it.  It was a nice song!     I recorded it.   Thus a process was born.    10 years later she has written over 25 songs, and recorded an entire CD.  She gives copies out to her friends and family.  


 Her piano skills have absolutely improved, and I'm excited to say that she will shortly be releasing a small video book for children.   I'm going to help her put it together.   I'll have more news on that soon!  

Jan continually has had to suffer many health problems as she has aged, and yet she comes in each week prepared and ready to play.   She has often told me that piano lessons keep her alive.   Giving her lessons has been a great pleasure of my life.  


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