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She is 84 years old, and suffered 3  strokes.  They must've affected her in countless ways, but to her deepest regret she had forgotten how to play the piano.   She came to me for lessons 10 years ago.   Her name is Jan Bunting....


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I'm still adding to the site, and tweaking the design.   Soon I'll have some free music available for download.   Follow me on Twitter/Facebook for more updates on that!

Music Director of Club Soda

I handle the booking for the best Music Club in Fort Wayne!

Music Lessons


Need help in Jazz Theory?   Piano Technique?  Pop music?  Rock Comping?  Classical phrasing?  Sight reading?  Production, Arrangement and Composition?   

I've been teaching at Sweetwater since they opened their fabulous academy of music 9 years ago!   

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