Eric Clancy (Keyboards, Piano, Studio Recording, Teaching)

Eric began playing piano at the age of five, by his late teens he was playing jazz cocktail piano.    Later in his twenties from 1992-1994 he studied with Jazz Bassist and piano player Carl Rowan.  He continued his jazz and classical studies with various teachers while also gigging solo and with a number of bands in the Northeast Indiana and Chicago regions where he has been playing professionally for over 23 years.    Eric is a current adjunct professor of Jazz Theory at Huntington University, and can teach a wide variety of styles, including:  Classics, pop, country, Jazz, R&B, soul, Blues, Christian Worship,  video game music,  pop and Rock and Roll.   Eric is a current instructor and one of the founders of Sweetwater’s Rock Camp program for teens.  He has also written his own piano method for Sweetwater’s Adult Beginner Boot Camp Program where over 130 adults have learned to play and enjoy the piano in a variety of ways.   

Eric is well versed in both keyboard technique and music theory as well as keyboard technology, synthesis and musical production.    He is an experienced teacher with over 28 years of teaching experience with all things related to the piano and keyboard, including classical music,  basic technique, ear training, chord reading, rhythmic development, creativity, improvisation, music theory, Jazz Theory, musicianship, performance, song writing, musical arrangement, and composition.   Though he can work with the advanced student, and indeed he has many students who are now playing professionally, he loves to share music with everyone and believes that anyone and everyone should be involved with the quality of life that music brings!

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Music Director of Club Soda

I handle the booking for the best Music Club in Fort Wayne!   


Music Lessons


Need help in Jazz Theory?   Piano Technique?  Pop music?  Rock Comping?  Classical phrasing?  Sight reading?  Production, Arrangement and Composition?   

I've been teaching at Sweetwater since they opened their fabulous academy of music 9 years ago!   

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